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Electronic commerce, more commonly known as E-Commerce or eCommerce is a process where buyers purchase products over the internet or other electronic networks.

E-Commerce uses electronic funds transfer or an online transaction processing to activate an order-processing procedure. Electronic commerce is not restricted to desktop computers – in fact mobile devices are now almost equal in their usage of electronic commerce.

It is an effective and efficient way of communicating within an organisation and one of the most effective and useful ways of conducting business.

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Employing E-Commerce:

Have something to sell:
This doesn’t necessarily need to be something you can put in a box, wrap in plastic, or consign with a courier.

It can be a download file, like music or software.

It could be a subscription or a  membership,.

Provide a way for customers to pay for your product:
Protect buyers and sellers with a secure  transaction environment.

Set up Payment Gateways to connect your  website to your financial institution.

Provide a way to deliver your product to your customer:
If you have a ‘soft’ product like a subscription, membership or electronic publication (e-book or e-pub) then product delivery is relatively easy to achieve.

If your product needs to be  despatched in a physical sense, an appropriate logistical plan should be set in place where the product can be picked, packed and despatched with the minimum of overhead and optimum handling process.

Allow buyers to track the progress of their  purchase.

We provide a range of services that allow customers to manage their online shop website with ease.

We provide E-Commerce solutions that integrate with most payment gateways and employ freight logistics plugins to make the customer’s journey as comfortable, secure and fast as possible.

Check out our E-Commerce portfolio.

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