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If you’ve completed a classroom course with me before, just fill in the details of the course, location and date.

Once we’ve checked the details and confirmed, you’ll be able to access the materials.

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If you haven’t done a classroom course with me, but still want to get the benefits of having done so in the form of self-paced online courses, videos, asset downloads and strategic planning documents, sign up below.

There are four possible options to choose from. From monthly, six-monthly, yearly and unlimited subscription options, you’ll find one that suits you best.

If you’re unsure of the value that you’re going to get, have a quick look at one of the courses on offer, for free. It may not be the topic you’re interested in, but it’ll give you an idea of the detail and value you will be purchasing.

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The Unlimited subscription is a once-only payment.Yearly, six monthly and monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed after the time period expires.

If doing self-paced training isn’t your thing, then perhaps you’d prefer to do one of our Virtual Classroom courses, which can be customised to a certain extent to your requirements.

Check out some of the available courses below.

Course demonstration : Installing a local server
Youtube Video : Installing a local server on Windows (WAMP)
Youtube Video : Installing a local server on Macintosh (MAMP)

Virtual Classroom

We offer a select number of courses to students if they can’t attend a physical classroom setting. These are delivered using videoconferencing and allow participants to view and hear the instructor as well as speak to him, share screens and text chat.

It’s a cost-efficient way of learning, and allows students to pick and choose exactly what they need to know without having to dedicate whole days to attending a classroom environment.

We are able to tailor and run a course to your requirements. Please let us know if you have something specific in mind.

Some examples of the courses we run:

  • Graphic Design
    • Adobe Photoshop Introduction
    • Adobe Photoshop Intermediate
    • Adobe Photoshop Advanced
    • Adobe Photoshop for Web
    • Adobe Illustrator Introduction
    • Adobe Illustrator Intermediate
    • Adobe Illustrator Advanced
    • Adobe Illustrator for Web
    • Adobe InDesign Introduction
    • Adobe InDesign Intermediate
    • Adobe InDesign Advanced
    • Adobe InDesign for Web
  • Web / Internet
    • Adobe Dreamweaver Introduction
    • Adobe Dreamweaver Intermediate
    • Adobe Dreamweaver Advanced
    • Basic HTML5 language
    • Advanced HTML5
    • CSS Beginners
    • CSS Advanced
    • Javascript Introduction
    • Javascript Advanced
    • PHP Introduction
    • PHP Advanced
    • Web Server Maintenance
    • Search Engine Optimisation Introduction
    • Search Engine Optimisation Advanced
  • ELearning
    • Instructional Design basics
    • Strategy & Planning for eLearning
    • Adobe Captivate Introduction
    • Adobe Captivate Intermediate
    • Adobe Captivate Advanced
  • Video, Audio & Animation
    • Adobe Animate Basics
    • Adobe Animate Intermediate
    • Adobe Animate Advanced
    • Adobe Premiére Basics
    • Adobe Premiére Advanced
    • Apple Logic Pro Basics
    • Apple Logic Pro Advanced

Customised Courses

If you have neither time nor budget to allocate to curriculum-based courses as mentioned above, feel free to contact us about creating a customised course for you. We can not only help you with a strategic approach to your training, but also provide solid instructional eLearning modules to support your learning post-course.

Contact us about your requirements