My website has been hacked!

My website has been hacked - A drama in 4 acts. The plot analysis and author's comment: Perhaps you might think [...]

It’s Time

This isn't about politics, or even time itself . It's about how our insatiable need for technology supersedes practicality. Before I [...]

Android co-founder jumps ship

Andy Rubin leaves Google to set up startup incubator for hardware technology. Rubin sold Android to Google in 2005 and ran the [...]

Google Car (aka Johnny Cab)

Google Car (aka Johnny Cab) I'm sure everyone remembers Arnold's ride in a Johnny Cab in Total Recall. The directors [...]

Are you ready to get Loopy?

Are you ready to get Loopy? Melbourne App Designer Michael Tyson (yes, that's his real name) found himself in the [...]

Heartbleed Security Bug

Heartbleed Security Bug - Will you be affected? There's been a flurry of news on the web over the last [...]